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Explore a VA refinance if you are in the military or are an eligible veteran. . Any type of mortgage, be it a first or second mortgage or a home equity line of credit, .

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In this case, the lender has no real value to claim for the second mortgage, . In the first case, stripping the second mortgage shows that the debtor has no equity . the document that laid out the draft for compulsory military service in times of .

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Because Samantha's second mortgage has no equity they will not foreclose. . I can't pay on two places and I don't qualify for the military's reimbursement .

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VA Refinance | VA Mortgage Refinance | VA Home Refinance Loan
VA Refinance Mortgage Loan . you consolidate high interest rate credit cards, second mortgages, auto loans . who are “upside-down” in their current mortgages with little or no equity left . Use your home's current equity to make improvements that could increase your home's value. VA Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM) .

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Feb 18, 2009 . Gone are the days of no equity 125% loans using statistical appraisals. Many homeowners became addicted to using second mortgages and .

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Where there is no equity in your home, and you have a second mortgage loan . or she is unable to participate with reasonable effort, or is on active military duty .

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US Military Loan Corporation - A Pioneer in the Military Loans ...
A privately owned company dedicated to helping members of the US military improve . 1. Using loan to pay off an equity loan or second mortgage. YES, NO. 2.

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Junior Mortgage Law & Legal Definition
. downpayments or closing costs. Junior mortgages are disfavored by lenders because the borrower has little or no equity in the home. It is also called a second .

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Jun 28, 2011 . VA, Government-insured home loans for veterans and active military personnel. . qualify; mortgages may be assumed by other military buyers; no monthly . is a home equity second mortgage, and 80% is the first mortgage).


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A second mortgage is an additional loan over and above your existing home mortgage. In a typical process, a homeowner is required to pledge the equity built .

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Negative equity, which arises when debts secured by the home exceed the . equity does not ask me whether, in selling his house, the second mortgage can be . to another property without the permission of the lender, which you won't get .

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. refinancing due to loss of home value or because they have little (or no) equity. . your mortgage statements, including information on a second mortgage (if .

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In a foreclosure, no money can be paid to the second mortgage holder until all . Second Mortgages Versus Home Equity Lines: A second mortgage is any loan that involves a second lien on the property. . Second Military Medical University .

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