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Majority favors taxing rich, ending war to cut deficit peoplesworld
Jun 30, 2011 . 66 percent favored increasing taxes on those making more than . The attitude for decreasing military presence abroad corresponds with the public . and Iraq wars has contributed greatly to the national debt, more than any .

Local View: Military spending feeds national debt
Apr 26, 2011 . Local View: Military spending feeds national debt . At 4.8 percent of gross domestic product, U.S. military spending in 2010 represents the .

The Federal Pie Chart
Interest on national debt (80%) created by military spending, $390 billion . The United States accounts for 47 percent of the world's total military spending, .

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National Debt Reaching Critical Mass, Military... | Gather
Jun 24, 2010 . National Debt Reaching Critical Mass, Military Spending Bloats Budget . deficits, the national debt has now exploded to 89 percent of GDP.

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US National Debt as percent of GDP - Charts Tables History
Mar 22, 2012 . Government debt began the 20th century at less than 20 percent of GDP. It jerked above 45 percent as a result of World War I and above 70 .

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United States federal budget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Budget of the United States Government is the President's proposal to the U.S. . Some military and some housing programs have multi-year appropriations, . Debt held by the public as a percentage of GDP rose from 34.7% in 2000 to .

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Letter: National debt is result of defense, tax breaks | Lubbock ...
Apr 22, 2011 . The gross national debt of the United States is now $14 trillion . the defense budget ($800 billion), which combined is 44 percent of the total.

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Jul 15, 2011 . Washington's spending has recently been higher as a percentage of the . on the federal debt alone accounted for 5.7 percent of all federal spending, . Spending for national defense rose from 3.0 percent of GDP that year to .

What percentage of the federal budget is spent on the military
What percentage of the US federal budget is spent on interest? 9%. Everyone could enjoy about a 10% tax reduction simply by paying down the federal debt, .


Political Calculations: Who Owns the U.S. National Debt?
Jan 12, 2011 . To Whom Does the U.S. Government Debt Owe Money (as of 30 September 2010) . the percentage composition of who owns the U.S. national debt . Civil Service and Military trust funds own 62.2% of the U.S. national debt, .

US Federal Budget Spending Summary and Highlights
Feb 16, 2012 . Did you know the single largest budget item is defense spending? . 6.5% of spending ($248 billion) went toward interest payments on the $15 trillion national debt. . The Percent Allocated to Social Security is Increasing: .

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Should We Cancel the National Debt? | The Freeman | Ideas On ...
At present levels, the national debt is about $5 trillion. . By 1993, the total interest outlay was 14.1 percent of total spending. . with interest payments, the government's latitude to spend elsewhere, including for defense, is greatly inhibited.

National Debt - Just Facts
Comprehensive and meticulously documented facts about the national debt. . National defense includes military spending and veterans' benefits. . federal spending as a percent of GDP averaged 42% lower than the last year of the war .

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